Grass Graffiti and Yardmarx

Grass Graffiti, LLC was formed by Brian Cox, Riley Fields, and Kelly Keappler to license and market a logo stencil kit for lawns and tailgating areas. The patented Yardmarx kit includes plastic templates, water-based athletic field paint, and ground anchors for stadium quality team logos on lawns or tailgating areas. The interactive nature the product separates it from static sports novelties such as banners, apparel, and other imprinted items.

Here’s how it works:

Pick out a grass area preferably mowed no more than 2-4 inches in height. Yardmarx works on fescue and bermuda grass types. Remove the stencils, paint, and anchor stakes from the kit.

Using the diagram provided with the kit, secure the base template by pushing the anchor stakes through the pre-cut holes in the corners. Apply the base coat of paint by spraying the area while holding the can approximately 6 inches from the ground. Let the base coat dry 5-7 minutes then remove the base template while leaving the anchor stakes in place.

Place the detail stencil over the base area and align the corner holes with the anchor stakes left in place after removal of the base template. Apply the second coat of paint and allow it to dry 5-7 minutes. Remove the second template and all of the stakes. Use any remaining paint for touch up.

Stand back and admire your logo!

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